Places not to take your girl on a first date

So, you have been eyeing up this supermodel look-alike for months, been putting in the groundwork and you have at last, plucked up the courage to ask her on a date. Panic! Where are you going to take her? You have only one chance to impress her, and first impressions count, so as well as making sure you are groomed to perfection- location is key. There are many sites out there that give you advice on where to go and what to do in order to make sure you have a guaranteed great first date, but there are not many sites that tell you where NOT to take her. Luckily, at gceleb.com we are here to give you a helping hand, so read on to find out more!


1. Online Slots
Online slots sites are fantastic- the offer hi-tech, fun, and exciting ways to enjoy your favourite reels wherever you are and whenever you feel like it, but it is not something to do with a date! Stick to doing it alone, and when the feeling takes you and you fancy winning some cash, check out the popular All Slots Online Casino for an amazing range of online slots and reels, with great prizes and jackpots for all!



2. A Football Game
You may love football and be the biggest and most loyal fan imaginable, and there is absolutely no doubt that going to a football game is great fun. BUT, it is not a good place to take her on a first date- trust us on this. Unless she tells you specifically that she is a huge football fan and really wants to go watch a game, we highly advise that you do not take her.



3. The Cinema
The cinema is a great place to go with friends, family, or if you have been in a relationship for quite a while, but it is not a good place to go on a first date. It is pitch black, you cannot see each other and you cannot talk- how on earth are you supposed to get to know each other, let alone decide if you are attracted? We reiterate, the cinema is not a good place to go on a first date, so unless you do not want there to be a second one, we suggest you steer clear!
These are the top three places we suggest you avoid on a first date. Whilst online slots are a whirlwind of fun, football is amazing, and the cinema is a great place to catch up with the latest blockbusters, we do not recommend taking a date there until at least the 5th or 6th date! After all the build-up and preparation, you need to make sure you make the best impression and the most important things to bear in mind is location, location, location!


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