Rachel Bilson Could Go Pantyless?

rachel bilson in nylon

I know she’s wearing way too much clothing in these photos for Nylon, but it may not be long before you see Rachel Bilson pantyless (as a joke).   Rachel Bilson could shed her underwear very soon as part of a PSA spoof of a recent CW video.  According to Gather:

Rachel Bilson is game for some equal-opportunity viral promotion when it comes to her show “Hart of Dixie.”

After a spoof public service announcement made the YouTube rounds, with her costar Wilson Bethel preaching the benefits of baring one’s chest, Bilson says a female response could happen.

“Like pantyless? I mean, it could happen,” she told us at L.A.’s Sherbourne restaurant, where she was toasted as Nylon magazine’s current covergirl.

“Is that weird? Is that CW?” she asked of her home network. “I don’t think they’d do it, but I know a few other networks that would.” – read more

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