Reese Witherspoon Looks Hot on Elle Cover

Reese Witherspoon Elle UK May Cover

I seriously don’t understand the whole fascination with celebrities getting married.  But I guess that’s because I’m not a chick.  But honestly, why does anyone care?  Most of the Hollywood marriages last a couple of months. I guess it could be a good way to gamble. Put money on how long the marriage will last. Do they bet on that kind of stuff in Vegas? I’ll guess that Reese’s new marriage will last 6 and a half months. Any takers?

Well, in case you give a shit, Reese Witherspoon was spotted wearing her wedding ring.  Yippee!  Females can click here to see the photos.  For the male visitors of the site (which is about 90%), I only have the cover photo of Reese on the May issue of Elle.  Hopefully the rest will show up soon.

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