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Rihanna and Chris Brown Interview Rumors

Katy Perry on the Cover of April Rolling Stone

Rumors are floating around the internet that Rihanna and Chris Brown may do a interview together on Good Morning America.  They say that any publicity is good publicity, but I don’t think it would be a wise move for Rihanna to be in the same room with Chris Brown.  There’s a reason she got that restraining order and we all saw the damage he did the last time he was on Good Morning America.  The dude is obviously a loose cannon and if Rihanna says one wrong thing he might skip breaking glass and go straight for Rihanna’s face like last time.

Rihanna Rolling Stone (April) Preview Photos:

Rihanna Rolling Stone cover Rihanna booty in ripped jeans Rihanna tight body bikini Rihanna long brown legs in Rolling Stone

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