Rihanna’s Tubular Barbados Booty

rihanna butt tube

Rihanna seems to put out more bikini photos than any other celebrity, which is fantastic! Do you think it has to do with her being from Barbados. I bet the paparazzi have set up a permanent home on the beach there just waiting for a Rihanna sighting. Here’s a Rihanna sighting from a few days ago.

rihanna-bikini-barbados-1.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-2.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-3.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-4.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-5.jpg
rihanna-bikini-barbados-6.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-7.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-8.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-9.jpg rihanna-bikini-barbados-10.jpg

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