Rise Of The Open Relationship – A 20th Century Love Story

Love in the 20th Century isn’t quite like it used to be. Back in the day it was the norm for marriages to last a considerable amount of time and divorce was relatively unheard of.

Now, the world of marriage, relationships and families for that matter have had a bit of a shake up. Blended families, civil partnerships, even just simple co-habiting, all of these things are much more commonplace then we would have ever imagined.

One new trend that seems to be popping up in the 20th Century that might not be the norm is the open relationship. But what are they and is there any benefit to these less than ordinary approaches to love?

What is an open relationship?
An open relationship is when both partners agree that they are free to have sex with other people, without it being classed as cheating. They could also be open to welcoming others into their relationship, perhaps organising group sex where both partners can join in.

Can it work?
It seems that the idea of being able to freely have no strings sex or date other people is not for everyone. But, there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to allow their partner to being able to roam. This approach may seem alien to some people, but there are plenty of cases that seem to be able to prove that it can work.

One of the reasons that it is thought to be a great way to keep a relationship alive, is because it helps each partner not to cheat on the other. If the agreement is in place that the relationship is open, then the other person cannot feel hurt if another party is involved.

It also spices up the sex lives of many couples, giving them a source of excitement that they can take back to their own relationship.

Things to look out for if you want to have one
Are you currently in a relationship and feel that making it open may be a step that you are happy to take? If you do, then there are some things to think about or look out for if you want to make sure that it works out for you.

  • * Is your relationship stable? If not, you may find yourself hitting some troubles if you start to sleep with other people.
  • * Are you a jealous person? If you are, then you should always approach an open relationship with caution. Jealousy is never good in any relationship.
  • * Are there some people that are definitely off limits? If there is, then these ground rules should be laid out right at the beginning.
  • * Can you communicate well? You might find that you are not such a big fan of open relationships when you get started, which means that you want to stop. You should feel comfortable to be able to discuss this with your other half.

You will never really know how an open relationship will work for you until you try, so don’t wonder whether or not it is right. Try it out and see if it can help you to find a new bond that you can both enjoy.

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