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Rosie Jones and Georgia Salpa Play in Their Undies Together

underwear rosie-jones-georgie-salpa

FHM decided to give us a triple-dose of underwear models in this photoshoot. It’s Rosie Jones, Georgia Salpa and Franziska Klien. Here they are working very well together. Great teamwork!

rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-001.jpg rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-002.jpg rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-003.jpg rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-004.jpg rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-005.jpg
 rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-007.jpg rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-008.jpg rosie-jones-georgie-salpa-fhm-009.jpg

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