Salma Hayek Lights a Match

Salma Hayek Upskirt New York Times

I have no idea what the match Salma Hayek holds in her mouth is supposed to represent?  But I do know that this pose in the photo has been used a couple of times in the past.  Once in 2003 and it was originally used in for a photo in the 1960’s.  However, The New York Times gave no credit to the original artists. According to The Daily Beast:

Sally Singer, T magazine’s editor, reached by phone as she got off a plane in Paris, said that “I had no knowledge of Meckseper’s image, nor did Cass” – meaning Cass Bird, the cover’s photographer. That’s perfectly credible, given that Meckseper’s fame may not echo much beyond fine-art circles. Meckseper’s New York dealer, Elizabeth Dee, said that “the entire art world sees this [magazine cover] as a Josephine Meckseper adaptation.” She cites the moment in 2006 when Meckseper’s match-lit image was on banners and posters all over London, advertising the “U.S.A. Today” show at the Royal Academy. Dee is clearly right about the art world – look at my own immediate reaction – but that doesn’t mean anyone outside artistic circles would have known the image. – read more

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Photo Credit: The New York Times

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