Salma Hayek Sweater Puppies at LAX

sweater boobs salma-hayek

Salma Hayek must be drinking from the fountain of youth because she hasn’t seemed to age much in the past couple of decades. And that’s a great thing for all of us because that means many more awesome photos for decades to come. Here are a few more slightly awesome photos of Salma at LAX. What a beauty!

salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-001.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-002.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-003.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-004.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-005.jpg
salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-006.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-007.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-009.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-010.jpg salma-hayek-lax-sweater-puppies-011.jpg

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