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Sara Sampaio in Victoria’s Secret Underwear

panties sara-sampaio

You guys saw Sara Sampaio in her underwear last month for Victoria’s Secret. Well, she’s back for more. I’m starting to like these monthly releases from Victoria’s Secret. I usually don’t like to help people promote things, but if they keep providing these fantastic photos…I’ll promote their brand each and every month. Keep em’ coming VS.

sara-sampaio-vs-001.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-002.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-003.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-005.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-006.jpg
 sara-sampaio-vs-008.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-009.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-011.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-013.jpg
 sara-sampaio-vs-015.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-016.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-017.jpg sara-sampaio-vs-018.jpg

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