Sarah Hyland Is the Newest Glamoholic

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Here is Sarah Hyland looking beautiful in the newest spread for Glamoholic. She sat down for an interview with the magazine and talked about some her favorite things such as making Britney Spears faces.

What is your favorite movie of the year?
Oh that’s a good one! Probably “The Dark Knight Rises”, it’s such a good movie.

What is your favourite song of the year?
I do not know that one! That’s really hard, probably anything from Pink’s new album.

Talking of singers, I hear that you’re good at making Britney Spears faces while watching The X Factor?
Yes apparently I am! [laughs] I love Britney Spears, but she makes the cutest faces on the show that I just instincually start to do them.

See more of the photos and read the full interview at the Glamoholic website.

sarah-hyland-glamoholic-magazine-1.jpg sarah-hyland-glamoholic-magazine-2.jpg sarah-hyland-glamoholic-magazine-3.jpg sarah-hyland-glamoholic-magazine-4.jpg sarah-hyland-glamoholic-magazine-5.jpg
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