Selena Gomez Forgot to Wear Pants

lack pants selena-gomez

Either Selena Gomez lost her pants or she forgot to wear them. Luckily she was able to stop by Shaquille O’Neal’s place to borrow his sweater and socks and that was enough to keep her warm until she could remember where she misplaced her clothes.

selena-gomez-no-pants-la-001.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-002.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-003.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-004.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-005.jpg
 selena-gomez-no-pants-la-007.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-008.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-009.jpg selena-gomez-no-pants-la-010.jpg

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