Selena Gomez Gets a Strip Search

Selena Gomez Strip Search at Airport

Selena Gomez doesn’t look happy after she had to go through the typical TSA strip search at the airport.  I guess her agent forgot to book her on a private jet.  The creepy looking TSA guy looks likes he’s getting ready to give her a thorough cavity search.

Selena Gomez stripping clothes at airport Selena Gomez strip search by TSA Selena Gomez stripping clothes at airport Selena Gomez ass search in sweatpants
Selena Gomez little butt in sweats Selena Gomez airport search Selena Gomez nice booty in sweats

Photo Credit: GVK, BauerGriffinOnline


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5 Responses

  1. btchass says:

    Selena Gomez mmmmmmmmmm!

  2. notenough says:

    Selena has a nice little butt.

  3. fidelxxx says:

    US – land of the free.

  4. jinglejangle says:

    I want that guy’s job. Only on that day though.

  5. thisucks says:

    I see nothing on here that would lead me to think she was searched. She took off her jacket to go through the medal detector, big deal.

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