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Selena Gomez Leggy at Panera Bread

panera selena-gomez

Selena Gomez showed off her long pale legs as she stopped by Panera Bread in Los Angeles. I think it’s about time for her to go sunbathing again. And time for the paparazzi to follow her to whatever location she chooses.

selena-gomez-panera-020.jpg selena-gomez-panera-021.jpg selena-gomez-panera-022.jpg selena-gomez-panera-023.jpg selena-gomez-panera-025.jpg
 selena-gomez-panera-029.jpg selena-gomez-panera-030.jpg selena-gomez-panera-031.jpg selena-gomez-panera-032.jpg
selena-gomez-panera-034.jpg selena-gomez-panera-035.jpg selena-gomez-panera-036.jpg selena-gomez-panera-037.jpg

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