Selena Gomez Wants to Be Britney Spears

If you hate Selena Gomez‘s music, now you’ll have reason to hate it even more. There were rumors that Britney Spears would be writing several songs for Selena’s new album and now the rumors are confirmed. According to MTV:

After some hoopla was made over the fact that Britney Spears didn’t write any of the tracks on the U.S. version of Femme Fatale, the songstress is making up for it elsewhere. MTV News has confirmed that Spears wrote a track for Selena Gomez’s June album release. – read more

Who knew Britney Spears wrote her own songs?  Who knew she could even write?  I guess we all know now that Selena Gomez can’t write her own songs.  Well, hopefully we get to see her dress and dance like Britney too in her upcoming music videos.  Do you think she’ll learn the famous Britney Vagina Flash move?

Selena Gomez see-through to bra Selena Gomez see-through shirt Selena Gomez jeans and see-thru shirt Can see Selena Gomez's bra through shirt

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