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Shanina Shaik Bikini Booty Photos for Victoria’s Secret

booty shanina-shaik

This wasn’t intentional on my part, but here are just the Shanina Shaik booty shots from her Victoria’s Secret photoshoot. Maybe I lost or overlooked the other photos. Or, maybe Victoria’s Secret just realized how nice Shanina’s booty is and focused on only taking photos of her beautiful backside.

shanina-shaik-vs-001.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-002.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-003.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-004.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-005.jpg
 shanina-shaik-vs-007.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-008.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-009.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-010.jpg
shanina-shaik-vs-012.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-013.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-014.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-015.jpg

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