Sofia Vergara Wore a See-Through Top in NYC

sofia vergara see through bra

I wonder if Sofia Vergara was out shopping for more see-through tops while visiting Barneys in New York City. She definitely picked up a couple huge handbags. I guess she needed handbags that matched her breast size.

sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-1.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-2.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-3.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-4.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-5.jpg
sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-6.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-7.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-8.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-9.jpg sofia-vergara-barneys-nyc-10.jpg

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