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Ali Larter is Asstastic!

Here is Ali Larter making pumping gas look sexy. Do you think she bought the expensive gas for her expensive Mercedes-Benz?

Kelly Brook: Booty in Brentwood

Kelly Brook tight ass in spandex

Welcome to another edition of “Booty in Brentwood”.  The booty in focus this week is Kelly Brook’s.  We’ve already seen Reese Witherspoon and Kate Beckinsale, now we can add Kelly Brook to the list.  She must have realized that her butt has been getting a lot of attention on the blogosphere lately.  And what a better way to display her beautiful ass than do it in the booty capital of the world.

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Julianne Hough Bikini Photos From Mexico

Juilanne Hough Bikini Photos from Cabo

Here is Julianne Hough in a bikini on her recent vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I guess they knew the paparazzi would be watching them.  That means Juilanne and Ryan Seacrest have to be careful about what they do on that balcony.  How the hell does a douche like Seacrest get to bang a chick like Julianne Hough anyhow?  Oh yeah that’s right, it’s called $money$.

Juilanne Hough thong bikini up her ass Juilanne Hough hot bikini photos Juilanne Hough bikini in Cabo Juilanne Hough sunbathing with Ryan Seacrest
Juilanne Hough fixes her bikini wedgie Juilanne Hough hot bikini photos Juilanne Hough bikini wardrobe malfunction Juilanne Hough nice butt in a bikini Juilanne Hough bikini in Mexico

Marisa Miller: Booty and the Beach

Marisa Miller Stars in Booty and the Beach

Marisa Miller’s booty at the beach is becoming an annual event.  Last year it was her butt crack and this year she gives us several different views of her beautiful ass at the Celeb Beach Bowl.

Marisa Miller tight ass doggystyle Marisa Miller butt
Marisa Miller great little booty

Photo Credit: Splash News

Rihanna Goes Swimming in Hawaii

Rihanna bikini in Hawaii

Rihanna spent some time on vacation in Hawaii.  I guess Hawaii is a safe place to get as far away from Chris Brown as possible.  Is he still bothering her?  According to the Seattle PI, Rihanna still has a restraining order against him for the upcoming Grammys and Chris Brown is denying claims that he is trying to get the order lifted:

“Chris Brown’s representative has dismissed reports the star’s lawyer asked a judge to relax a restraining order against him so he can attend the upcoming Grammy Awards at the same time as his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.” – read more

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Gisele Bundchen Topless and Thong Photos

I’m sure Gisele Bundchen is used to changing in front of people by now.  So it’s probably not a big deal to her to be going topless in public.  However, I bet she wouldn’t be happy to know that the paparazzi are getting some free shots and she won’t be receiving any royalties from these photos.  I wonder if the pap’s had to sell these at half price considering the didn’t get her fully topless and only a little bit of side boob?

Gisele Bundchen topless titties Gisele Bundchen no bra topless Gisele Bundchen exposed boobs Gisele Bundchen changing and topless
Gisele Bundchen not wearing a bra Gisele Bundchen bare ass thong Gisele Bundchen naked butt with thong Gisele Bundchen topless in van