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Arzu Bazman Mini Skirt in Berlin

arzu bazman charity berlin

Arzu Bazman is a Turkish born German actress.  I don’t watch German television so I can’t tell you the name of any shows or movies she’s in.  If you really want to know, look her up on a German website.

arzu-bazman-charity-berlin-1.jpg arzu-bazman-charity-berlin-2.jpg arzu-bazman-charity-berlin-3.jpg arzu-bazman-charity-berlin-4.jpg arzu-bazman-charity-berlin-6.jpg

Emma Stone Easy A Premiere in Berlin

Well, it doesn’t look like Emma Stone has to look for a costume for Halloween.  I think if she walks around at night time people will think she’s a ghost because of how pale she is.  Look at those white milky legs!  She can be Casper the Sexy Ghost.

Emma Stone Easy A Berlin Emma Stone short skirt
Emma Stone white legs Emma Stone leggy Emma Stone she's got legs