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Beyonce Went to the Beach

Beyonce Went to the Beach

What the hell has happened to Beyonce lately?  She’s been letting herself go the past year.  Is her singing career over?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’ll head down the same road as Britney Spears, but I haven’t seen that sexy bootylicious Beyonce that we’ve seen in the past.  Just take these beach photos for example.  She looks plain and motherly and not in the MILF kind of way.  She doesn’t even have any little Jay-Z rugrats to use as an excuse.  She needs to step her game up.

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Charlotte Church In a Bikini Poolside

Charlotte Church in a bikini near a pool

Here is the Queen bashing Charlotte Church in a bikini and enjoying her vacation with her new boyfriend in the Caribbean.  Charlotte is happy with her new man and said:

‘Jonathan and I hit it off straight away,’ she said. ‘It’s great because we like the same stuff. He’s very intelligent and he’s an amazing musician. That’s where most of the bond lies. A lot of the time we’re together we write songs, talk about music. We just like the same stuff, the same films – it’s nothing ground-breaking.’

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