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Bar Refaeli Wore a See-Through Body Suit for GQ

bar refaeli gq

Bar Refaeli wore some kind of weird see-through body suit for GQ (Germany). However, I don’t think it is as see-through as everyone would have liked. At least there are a few photos of Bar in her underwear. Something she knows a lot about, according to her interview with Conan.

bar-refaeli-gq-germany-1.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-2.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-3.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-4.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-5.jpg
bar-refaeli-gq-germany-6.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-7.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-9.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-10.jpg bar-refaeli-gq-germany-11.jpg

Bar Refaeli Knows A LOT About Underwear – CONAN

Irina Shayk in GQ (Germany)

irina shayk side boob in GQ

Irina Shayk can look good in any clothing you put her in. Of course, the less clothing the better. As was the case in her recent spread for GQ (Germany).

irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-1.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-2.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-3.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-4.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-5.jpg
irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-6.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-7.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-8.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-9.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-10.jpg

I’m Fond of Olga Fonda

Here’s Russian born actress Olga Fonda getting topless for a spread in FHM (Germany).  She’s been in the U.S. since she was 14 pursing modeling/acting and has had several small roles in television and movies. Her latest project was a role in the Hugh Jackman film Real Steel.

olga-fonda-germany-fhm-1.jpg olga-fonda-germany-fhm-2.jpg olga-fonda-germany-fhm-4.jpg olga-fonda-germany-fhm-5.jpg olga-fonda-germany-fhm-6.jpg

Daisy Lowe Is Gift Wrapped in GQ (Germany)

daisy lowe panties in GQ Germany

Imagine looking under your Christmas tree and seeing Daisy Lowe gift wrapped in that outfit. What a present that would be! However, with those huge bow ties on her undies it might be one of those gifts that are a pain in the ass to unwrap.

daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-1.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-2.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-3.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-4.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-7.jpg
daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-5.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-6.jpg  daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-8.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-9.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-10.jpg

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in FHM Germany

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is having a good 2011 so far. She was named FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World 2011 and she’s replaced Megan Fox in the new Transformers film that releases on June 29th. I’m sure she’ll continue to have a great career in modeling, but I bet the future of her acting career depends on her performance in Transformers 3 and whether or not those Transformers fans accept her as a sexy enough replacement. That means she better show some skin because based on the rest of the films the acting skills don’t matter.

Bar Refaeli’s German GQ Hotness

Update: The rest of the photos from the spread

Bar Refaeli GQ Germany Bar Refaeli GQ Germany bikini Bar Refaeli GQ Germany motorcycle Bar Refaeli GQ Germany finish flag

Bar Refaeli is single now guys.  So if you make over $25 million like Leo does you might have a chance.

Nina Dobrev Talks About Getting Dirty

Nina Dobrev Gets In Touch

Nina Dobrev might look cute and sexy in these photos for In Touch (Germany), but don’t be mistaken she gets dirty when transforming herself for her role in The Vampire Diaries.  Nina talks about her role in the TV series with Zap2it:

“Katherine-slash-I have been dirty and dusty for a very long time,” she laughs. “The weird thing is having to put dirt in your hair and tease your hair and make it look dirty after you’ve just washed it, for all those scenes.”

“The only part that bugs me is when I wash my hair and then I have to put dirt in it. That’s the only thing. I just washed it! I’m a girl!” she laughs. “Otherwise, I like to get down and dirty and really messy.”- read more

Nina Dobrev legs and skates Nina Dobrev short shorts Nina Dobrev tight jeans Nina Dobrev red pants and chucks Nina Dobrev smooth legs Nina Dobrev slightly see through

Photo Credit: In Touch