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Meet Selena Gomez’s Busty Friend – Haley King

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Haley King has been acting for several years, but she’s probably most recently known as the busty friend who’s been hanging around Selena Gomez lately. I just figured that Selena has had an awful lot of posts here on GCeleb and it’s about time Haley got one too. She deserves it (for whatever unknown reason). Plus, I’m sure she’ll gain a lot of new fans. Especially the lovers of boobs and the sport of motorboating. I’d say Haley is a bit larger in the bosom region than the average girl. I think even Justin Bieber would agree. Haley King is now 18-years-old so Nuts or Maxim need to call this girl now…better yet Playboy!

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Haley King Went Skydiving and the Cameraman Loves Her Boobs