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Imogen Thomas’ Bloody Halloween Knickers

imogen thomas panties upskirt on halloween

Imogen Thomas dressed up as a bloodied Alice in Wonderland as she attended Caprice Bourret’s 40th birthday/Halloween party. So far it’s the best slutty costume I’ve seen (only because of the upskirt). But I’m sure someone will eventually top her with even less clothing.

imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-1.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-2.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-3.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-4.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-5.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-6.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-7.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-8.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-9.jpg imogen-thomas-halloween-upskirt-10.jpg

Emma Roberts Halloween Upskirt

Emma Roberts upskirt in halloween costume

Emma Roberts did her best to cover up as she attended a Halloween party in Hollywood.  It looks like Emma dressed up as some kind of maid for Halloween, but the costume wasn’t necessary.  She would have made an excellent ghost just with her pale complexion.

Ariana Grande Is a Cute Cupcake

ariana grande cupcake

Here is Ariana Grande showing off her cupcakes at the Universal Hallowen Carnival. I know we all would love to go trick-or-treating to taste her cupcakes.

ariana-grande-cupcake-universal-1.jpg ariana-grande-cupcake-universal-2.jpg ariana-grande-cupcake-universal-3.jpg ariana-grande-cupcake-universal-4.jpg ariana-grande-cupcake-universal-5.jpg

Anne Hathaway at Halloween Event

That’s a sorry excuse for a costume that Anne Hathaway is wearing.  Don’t know what the mask is or represents, but I think she could have put a little more effort into it.

Anne Hathaway costume Halloween Anne Hathaway mask Anne Hathaway leopard Anne Hathaway mask coat Anne Hathaway Halloween event Anne Hathaway Halloween party