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Elsa Hosk in H&M Lingerie

underwear hot elsa-hosk

I think I’d rather see Elsa Hosk in S&M Lingerie, but H&M Lingerie will have to do for now. Sorry no whips, chains or handcuffs this time folks. Unless Victoria’s Secrets gets bought out buy a adult bondage company and forces her to dress like that.

elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-1.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-2.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-3.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-4.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-5.jpg
elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-6.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-7.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-8.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-9.jpg elsa-hosk-H-M-lingerie-10.jpg

Saskia De Brauw Could Kick Your A$$

saskia de brauw

I really don’t know if I find these Saskia De Brauw photos sexy or scary? Actually, I find them more scary than sexy when I think about what she could do to me. Judging by these photos, I think she’d probably body slam me into oblivion if I looked at her wrong. At least all the Dutch women don’t look this scary. See some other hot Dutch women here.

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