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Sara Loren’s Sexy Maxim (India) Spread

Sara Loren – Maxim (India)

Sara Loren is a famous Pakistani actress and live dance performer who is well-known as Mona Lizza in her home country. The actress was born in Kuwait, but grew up in Pakistan where she is very recognizable to the people. She has many super hot photos in her portfolio and has more to add with this popular spread for Maxim India. In addition to modeling, she has also found work in several movies and commercials. She is a popular Bollywood actress known well for her roles in films such as Murder 3, Anjuman and Kajraare. This Pakistani model has relocated to Mumbai, where she currently pursues her dreams and one day would eventually like to become a famous international actress.

Hot Olympian Leryn Franco for FHM India

leryn-franco beach

I know Olympic athletes are known for being in superior shape. But I still say that the Paraguayan Leryn Franco has one of the most perfect female Olympian body’s out there. Below are a few photos for proof.

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leryn-franco-fhm-india-001.jpg leryn-franco-fhm-india-002.jpg leryn-franco-fhm-india-003.jpg leryn-franco-fhm-india-004.jpg leryn-franco-fhm-india-005.jpg

Shriya Saran in Maxim (India)

shriya saran maxim

I really don’t know much about Indian actress Shriya Saran, but I’m sure not many of you care to know anything. You just come here for the photos, right? So I’ll keep the commentary brief (because I have nothing to say) and just let you enjoy her new Maxim pictures. If you still feel like reading, I suggest you pick up your Kindle.

The Jaw-Dropping Neha Dhupia in Maxim (India)

neha dhupia

Meet famous Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia. If you’re interested in checking out any of her recent flicks, here are a few: Maximum, Gandhi to Hitler, Parama Veera Chakra, and Action Replayy. If she looks as good in her movies as she does in this Maxim spread, I’m going to have to watch some of these films. Even if I can’t understand the language.

Katrina Kaif FHM (India) Sexiest Woman

katrina kaif sexy

I’ve really got to start watching Indian television and movies because they’ve got a lot of hot babes in the industry. It seems like every other week I post a fresh new face (at least to me). Here is another one. She’s a British Indian actress that goes by either the name Katrina Kaif or Katrina Turquotte and supposedly she’s the “Sexiest Woman in the World” according to FHM (India).

katrina-kaif-FHM-India-1.jpg katrina-kaif-FHM-India-2.jpg katrina-kaif-FHM-India-3.jpg katrina-kaif-FHM-India-4.jpg katrina-kaif-FHM-India-5.jpg