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Emma Stone’s Futuristic Hotness

emma stone hot

It’s already been confirmed that Ridley Scott has signed on to direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner, but if they haven’t already chosen a cast I think they should consider Emma Stone. Or at least do so based on this spread from Interview magazine. She would make a perfect Android (not the phone).

Emma Stone – Interview September 2012

Mila Kunis Bends Over the Hood of a Car

mila kunis doggystyle

Mila Kunis looks ultra sexy in the upcoming issue of Interview magazine which hits the newsstands on July 24th. Mila was interviewed by fellow Hollywood actor James Franco for the magazine. Here’s some of the conversation interview:

On the start of her acting career: I came to the States in 1991. I was around 7 and a half at the time. By the time I was in fourth grade, I spoke English pretty fluently, but, believe it or not, I was shy, and my parents wanted me to make some friends. They both worked all the time, and on the weekends my brother or my grandparents took care of me, so my parents were looking for an outlet for me, like art classes or karate, and on the radio it was advertised that there was a place for kids to meet other kids called Beverly Hills Studio. My parents took me there, and it ended up being a showcase. The people there were like, “Yeah, your kid’s got it!” Although, at that point, every kid has got it. They were like, “Write us a check and your kid will be a star.” So my dad was like, “Uh . . . yeah . . . No thanks. Good-bye.” And left. I don’t know why my mom did what she did—if you talk to her, she’ll say that she had a gut feeling—but she took out the checkbook and wrote a check for $400 for me to take acting classes. So I did, and two or three weeks go by, and Susan Curtis, who is my manager to this day, was driving by and saw a bunch of cute kids. She pulled in and was like, “I’m a talent manager,” and they’re like, “How fortuitous. We’re doing a showcase tomorrow at 6 p.m.” She was like, “I’ll be there.” So the short of it was that my parents told me, “Listen, we can’t afford this. We work full-time. We can’t do this. We’re so sorry. We don’t understand these auditions. We don’t get this.” But I did the showcase, and these agents and managers started to call, so my dad said, “Okay, this is your decision. If you want to do this, then you pick the person who you feel connected with the most.” So I picked Susan. She took me on my first audition the next day, and I ended up getting it. It was a Barbie commercial. That’s how it started. – read the full interview

mila kunis on the cover of interview doggystyle position for mila kunis mila kunis hot pictures mila kunis sitting in automobile
mila kunis looks disturbed a depressed looking mila kunis mila kunis open door policy mila kunis laying on her back

New Jennifer Lawrence Magazine Spreads

jennifer lawrence racy

With all of the promotion for The Hunger Games lately, we’re bound to see some some racy Jennifer Lawrence photoshoots. These photos aren’t to the level of Maxim or Playboy, but here she is in some slightly racy photos for Interview (Germany) and Rolling Stone.

Creepy Megan Fox Twin Photos

I don’t know whether or not to be turned on by these photos or be creeped out.  Here’s Megan Fox and her mannequin twin bonding in some strange sexual suggestive photos.  What kind of message or these photos trying to portray.  Sexy or creepy?  In the last photo it looks like she’s ready to go down and eat some mannequin vagina for lunch.

Megan Fox Interview cover Megan Fox kissing mannequin Megan Fox spooning with mannequin twin Megan Fox almost grabbing mannequin's breasts
Megan Fox lesbian sex with mannequin Megan Fox laying down with mannequin Megan Fox doggystyle with mannequin
Megan Fox Megan Fox bondage with mannequin Megan Fox sex position with mannequin

Bonus: Not so creepy photos
Megan Fox red dress cleavage Megan Fox sucking lying down
Megan Fox sexy stare
Megan Fox lying down legs crossed Megan Fox upskirt almost