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Jennifer Lawrence By the Pool for Vogue Italy

pool hot jennifer-lawrence

Is it just me or has Jennifer Lawrence been everywhere lately? So much so, that I haven’t even wanted to post anything about her. Until I saw these photos from Vogue (Italy). She looks pretty darn awesome. I’m sure many of ya’ll would agree. Although she still looks better in a bikini.

jennifer-lawrence-vogue-italy-007.jpg jennifer-lawrence-vogue-italy-008.jpg jennifer-lawrence-vogue-italy-010.jpg jennifer-lawrence-vogue-italy-011.jpg jennifer-lawrence-vogue-italy-012.jpg

Video – Jennifer Lawrence (Vogue Italia)

Miranda Kerr Sits on Her Naked Rear End for Vogue

miranda kerr naked vogue

These half-naked black and white photos of Miranda Kerr in Vogue (Italy) may not be as seductive as her in the new Very Sexy Seduction bra, but who can really complain? At least you get to see Miranda Kerr’s buttcrack in the new Vogue.

miranda-kerr-italian-vogue-1.JPG miranda-kerr-italian-vogue-2.JPG miranda-kerr-italian-vogue-3.JPG miranda-kerr-italian-vogue-4.JPG miranda-kerr-italian-vogue-5.JPG

The Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk Seduction

Vittoria Puccini in Vanity Fair Italy

vittoria puccini

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Vittoria Puccini, but apparently she’s a fairly well-known Italian actress. That might explain why she got the cover of Vanity Fair Italy. I can’t understand Italian, but I wonder if they explain why she’s got pink hair in this photoshoot?

vittoria-puccini-vanity-fair-italy-1.jpg vittoria-puccini-vanity-fair-italy-2.jpg vittoria-puccini-vanity-fair-italy-3.jpg vittoria-puccini-vanity-fair-italy-4.jpg vittoria-puccini-vanity-fair-italy-5.jpg

Yasmin Brunet to the Max

yasmin brunet topless

What country do you think Yasmin Brunet is from? Yep, you guessed it, Brazil! She’s from Rio de Janeiro and is the daughter of Playboy (Brazil) Playmate Luíza Brunet. If the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is correct, there should be some naked photos of Yasmin somewhere out there.

Belen Rodriguez in GQ (Italy)

belen rodriguez GQ

If you’re into skanky looking models, Belen Rodriguez is right up your alley. She can clean up nicely at times, but what she really needs to do is take a laser to that ugly biker chick tattoo on her arm. But for those of you who are into that kind of look, you’ll love these Belen Rodriguez photos from GQ (Italy). Shees-ah Nice-ah Meatbawl!

Belen Rodriguez hot in GQ the italian Belen Rodriguez in a swimsuit an ugly tattoo on Belen Rodriguez half way in the pool is Belen Rodriguez
first image of Belen Rodriguez leg Belen Rodriguez wore a pink bikini a great butt shot from Belen Rodriguez Belen Rodriguez sexy swimsuit