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OMG! Kim Kardashian Wore a See-Through Top?

kim kardashian see thru bra

It must have been a hot day in New York City because Kim Kardashian wore a thin, revealing top to keep her cool. Why else would she wear a top that you can see right through (oh yeah, it’s Kim Kardashian)? Maybe she’s just getting used to wearing less clothing for when she moves to that home in Miami. According to TMZ, Kim and Kourtney are closing in on a $6 Million mansion:

…the $6 million Miami mansion that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian will most likely call home for the next three months while filming their next spin-off show, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ … crew members have been tasked with finding a home for the K-squad while they shoot their upcoming reality show “Kim and Kourtney Take Miami.”

If you didn’t watch the first “Kardashian” spin-off in Miami … Khloe and Kourt stayed in hotels during their stay … because they’re swanky and awesome. – read more

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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Kleavage Photos

I know there’s a little a lot more ass cleavage with Kim Kardashian, but both Kourtney and Kim are displaying their bigger than average cleavage at the beach.  I bet many are wishing they could be the motorboat to save these girls from drowning.

Kim Kardashian semi thong bikini Kim Kardashian booty on the beach Kim Kardashian titty cleavage Kim Kardashian ass zoom Kim Kardashian splashing with Kourtney
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