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Lindsay Lohan Will Host Upcoming SNL

lindsay lohan saturday night live march 2012

Source: EW

Blink while laughing way too hard during Maya Rudolph’s Saturday Night Live hosting duties last night and you might have missed it: During commercial break, the show announced that Lindsay Lohan would host the sketch comedy show March 3, alongside musical guest Jack White. It’s an interesting development in the actress’ career — Lohan doesn’t have any projects to promote (having been forced to drop out of Inferno in 2010 following her substance abuse problems), but she does have a good image to promote. After all, Lohan seems poised for a personal comeback, having so far impressed the Los Angeles court system while on strict probation. – read more

Lindsay Lohan Will Pose Nude for Playboy

lindsay lohan 1 million Playboy

Source: TMZ

Lindsay Lohan is shooting nude photos for Playboy — TMZ has confirmed — and LiLo don’t strip for peanuts … the spread will earn her almost a million dollars!

Sources tell us the deal has been in the works for months, and that Lindsay balked at an initial $750K offer because she wanted … ONE MILLION dollars … to show the world what her momma gave her (apologies for the DiLo reference). – read more

Lindsay Lohan’s Monitoring Bracelet Goes Off

I’m not sure if the terms of Lindsay Lohan’s house arrest include no drugs or alcohol, but if so I think she’s probably safe smoking that Blu electronic cigarette that she’s so obviously promoting. But maybe the electronic smoke from the cigarette caused her monitoring bracelet to go off because something sure did. According to People:

Lindsay Lohan’s house-arrest monitoring system went off on Monday, prompting police to pay her a visit.

But the actress, who is under house arrest for a theft conviction, was at home watching TV and reading scripts, the Los Angeles Times reports. – read more

I bet she’s going to be one of those lifers, getting in an out of trouble for the rest of her life or until something bad happens.  It’s a sad story…almost as bad as Britney Spears’