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These Pascale Craymer Loaded Photos are Pure Gold

Pascale Craymer

Pascale Craymer has an interesting name. But her photos in this issue of Loaded are even more interesting. She took body painting to a whole nother level with the addition of gold! I wonder if she’s worth more money now? The value of gold is on the rise, isn’t it?


Claudia Dean Is Just Like the Magazine Says…Loaded!

Claudia Dean - Loaded

Claudia Dean – Loaded – May 2014 – (11 Photos)


Bianca Slater Is Loaded in Lingerie

panties bianca-slater

Here’s a new WAG to keep and eye on. Her name is Bianca Slater and she is the wife of English footballer (soccer player) Ryan Bertrand. Besides that, I couldn’t tell you anything about her. But that’s usually common among WAGs.

bianca-slater-loaded-001.jpg bianca-slater-loaded-002.jpg bianca-slater-loaded-003.jpg bianca-slater-loaded-004.jpg bianca-slater-loaded-005.jpg

Jenna Jonathan Is Loaded With Cleavage

jenna jonathan loaded

I stopped watching MTV a long time ago so I’m not sure if Jenna Jonathan is well known or not? My guess is no considering she’s on a new reality show called The Vallleys. I have no idea what the show is about and I’m not going to bother finding out. If you want to know more…click this link. I just like her boobs.

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