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Pollyanna Woodward Sure Is Loaded

pollyanna woodward  lingerie

Pollyanna Woodward is best known for her role on the British television show The Gadget Show. However, you won’t be seeing a single gadget in her spread in Loaded. Unless of course she has some kind of gadgets implanted in her giant breasts.

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Tara Reid’s Bikini Patriotism

tara reid bikini red, white, blue

I’m sure when you think of All-American Girl you think of Tara Reid, right? Yeah I know, All-American Girl my ass! Maybe 10 years ago. It’s going to take more than a few stars and stripes on a bikini to ever get that title again.

tara-reid-loaded-1.jpg tara-reid-loaded-2.jpg tara-reid-loaded-3.jpg tara-reid-loaded-4.jpg tara-reid-loaded-5.jpg
tara-reid-loaded-6.jpg tara-reid-loaded-7.jpg tara-reid-loaded-8.jpg tara-reid-loaded-9.jpg tara-reid-loaded-10.jpg

Make Some Noise for Chloe Cummings

chloe cummings lingerie loaded

I didn’t know anything about Chloe Cummings so I thought we’d read a few of her Tweets to get to know her better, but it turns out that she has her account protected. Here’s a hint Chloe, if you want to be famous and gain a fan following, you should probably make your Twitter account public. I’m just saying…

chloe-cummings-loaded-1.jpg chloe-cummings-loaded-2.jpg chloe-cummings-loaded-3.jpg chloe-cummings-loaded-4.jpg chloe-cummings-loaded-5.jpg

Jennifer Metcalfe in Her Undies for Loaded

jennifer metcalfe underwear

Jennifer Metcalfe is an English actress who’s best known for her role in the soap opera Hollyoaks. Other than that she doesn’t have much of an acting career that we see. So it’s probably a good thing she has a degree Health and Fitness to fall back on.

Roxanne Pallett Is Lovely in Loaded

Roxanne Pallett Loaded Boobs

British actress Roxanne Pallett hasn’t had the greatest acting career so far. But her men’s magazine career is doing just fine. As you can tell in her recent spread for Loaded magazine.

Christine Martin Topless in Loaded

British model and Miss Liverpool 2007 Christine Martin got topless (but covered) in a recent spread for Loaded magazine. If she ever loses her hand bras, I’ve got two of them right here.

Gal Gadot in Loaded (UK)

I don’t know much about Gal Gadot, but according to Wikipedia she is an Israeli actress and model. I’ve never seen any of her movies, but that’s because I’ve never watched Fast & Furious or Fast Five. Maybe I’ll check out those movies now to watch her “acting” talents.