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Samara Weaving Had a Bikini Malfunction

samara weaving bikini

Oops, Samara Weaving had a bit of a bikini malfuction while shooting scenes for her television show Home and Away. Is that a nip slip I see there? Why yes, yes it is!

Lauren Pope Has a Skirt Malfunction

Guessing by the look of Lauren Pope‘s booty you wouldn’t think that she was undersexed, but that’s exactly why her ex-boyfriend Kirk Norcross dumped her. According to The Sun:

THE Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross said he split from co-star Lauren Pope after their sex life fizzled out.
The club promoter who dumped the DJ just after they publicly revealed the results of their his ‘n’ hers nose jobs said he just stopped fancying her. – read more

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know who Lauren Pope is, but judging by the photos I’m sure there are a lot of men waiting to take Kirk Norcross’ place.

Lauren Pope T4 in Somerset Lauren Pope ass cheek Lauren Pope upskirt Lauren Pope butt Lauren Pope event in somerset Lauren Pope has a butt slip at t4

Katy Perry Almost Loses Her Bikini Top

Well the poll is not done yet, but it does look like most people favor Katy Perry‘s cleavage.  I can’t blame them…I think she is who I voted for too.  Here she is in a bikini again, this time in the Bahamas and in a not as revealing bikini.  We did almost get a bikini malfunction as she was coming out of the water while snorkeling.  I wonder why Katy was covering her chest…was she cold or was her bikini top falling off?

Katty Perry almost a nipple slip in bikini Katty Perry on the beach of Bahamas Katty Perry walking the beach in Bahmas Katty Perry covering her chest in bikini Katty Perry cleavage on display
Katty Perry side boob and butt Katty Perry covering her hard nipples Katty Perry little butt Katty Perry covers her pokies Katty Perry snorkeling in the Bahamas