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Melissa Satta Hot Bikini Photos from Fashion Show in Milan

September 24th, 2013 Comments off

melissa satta bikini hot milan

Melissa Satta – “Emamo” Fashion Show in Milan (25 Images)

melissa-satta-emamo-milan-001.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-002.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-003.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-004.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-005.jpg
 melissa-satta-emamo-milan-007.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-008.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-009.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-010.jpg
 melissa-satta-emamo-milan-012.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-013.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-014.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-015.jpg
 melissa-satta-emamo-milan-017.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-018.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-019.jpg melissa-satta-emamo-milan-020.jpg

Nicole Minetti – Bikini Runway Photos in Milan

September 25th, 2012 Comments off

nicole minetti bikini milan

Jessica Alba Side Boob and Booty in Milan

November 16th, 2011 No comments

jessica alba armani event in Milan

Even after having two kids Jessica Alba still looks fantastic! Here she is at an Armani event in Milan showing a little side boob and booty.

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Shakira Takes Her Booty to Milan

May 2nd, 2011 No comments

Shakira was in Milan for the 2011 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Shakira and Enrique were the big winners at this year’s award show. But the question is, did she deserve the awards? If you were to ask the fans after her concert in Yas Island they’d probably say absolutely not.  Many of the fans were extremely disappointed with her recent performance according to The National:

“Shakira in yasisland UAE was lip singing [sic]… It was horrible. What a shame,” said one Twitter user, Zack083, on his feed shortly after the concert had ended. “Shakira and lipsync should be trending in the uae [sic] now,” he added.

“It was horrible,” tweeted another. “What a shame.” – read more

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Megan Fox Almost Gives Us Upskirt Photos

September 25th, 2010 No comments

I guess these could kind of be considered Megan Fox upskirt photos.  However, there are no clear vagina shots or anything.  And by the looks of Megan Fox’s facial expression she knows exactly what the paparazzi is trying to take photos of.  I love the perfectly placed handbag between the crotch.  No money shots here, but Megan Fox is still looking hot as she attends an Armani Fashion Show in Milan.

Megan Fox upskirt getting out of car Megan Fox upskirt photo Megan Fox upskirt but no panties Megan Fox upskirt on leather seats Megan Fox hands covering upskirt
Megan Fox facial Megan Fox with dress Megan Fox Armani Fashion Show Megan Fox in Milan for Armani Fashion Show Megan Fox walking in heels Milan