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Jeisa Chiminazzo in Her Undies for La Perla

Jeisa Chiminazzo posed in her underwear again for a recent photoshoot for La Perla. It’s always nice to see the beautiful Brazilian model again. She’s one of our favorite models from Brazil. I’d even consider ranking her in the top 20 Brazilian Models List and that’s a hard list to make considering the amount of them out there these days. Where would you rank her?

jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-1.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-2.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-3.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-4.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-5.jpg
jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-6.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-7.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-8.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-9.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-10.jpg
jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-11.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-12.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-13.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-14.jpg jeisa-chiminazzo-La-Perla-15.jpg