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Vanessa Hudgens Pays for Parking at Pilates Class

butt vanessa-hudgens pilates

Vanessa Hudgens was seen here paying for parking as she attended a pilates class in Studio City. Judging by the shape of her booty, I’d say that the pilates workouts are working just fine. Although I think it might be a better investment if she had paid for acting classes instead.

vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-5.jpg
vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-6.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-7.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-8.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-9.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-10.jpg

Jessica Alba is a Pilates Hottie

jessica alba pilates hottie

It may seem that Jessica Alba is one of those girls that never has to work out to maintain her fantastic body. But remember, she’s over 30-years-old and she’s had two kids. It’s all downhill from here. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised seeing her head to Pilates class every now and then. Just like she did on this day in West Hollywood.

jessica alba on her cell phone heading to pilates jessica alba hot for pilates in west hollywood someone needs to hack jessica alba's phone jessica alba paying for parking
imagine the naked leaked photos on jessica's cell phone ass in your face from jessica alba side butt from jessica alba jessica alba went to pilates in west hollywood

Haylie Duff at Pilates Class

haylie duff pilates nipples

I don’t know what Haylie Duff is famous for besides being Hilary Duff’s sister. Maybe she’s a renowned Pilates expert?

Hilary Duff’s Mansion is On Sale

If anyone is interested and has a few extra bucks in their pocket you might want to consider buying Hilary Duff’s $6.25 million mansion in Toluca Lake. According to Forbes:

The 5-bedroom, 6-bath home includes a home office, library, billiard room and oddly enough — considering that Duff bought the home before she was 18 — a cognac-tasting room and wine cellar. A private gym, gift-wrapping room, chef’s kitchen, game room and enormous walk-in closets round out the rest of the interior. Outside, the home has a pool, several patios with views and a covered pergola with outdoor fireplace.

Wondering how affordable the home is? With 20 percent down and a 30-year-fixed loan and current low mortgage rates, monthly payments on Duff’s house would run about $32,428 a month. – read more

I’d buy it, but I need a home with 10 bedrooms and 8 baths. This home just doesn’t have enough for me.

Hilary Duff’s Pilates Booty

Did you hear yet? Hilary Duff is pregnant. So enjoy these sexy photos of her because it’s only a few more months before she blows up like a balloon.

Dakota Fanning Bra Peek After Pilates Class

Here’s Dakota Fanning with a bra peek after leaving pilates class.  As some of you know Dakota is in the Twilight saga movies.  Maybe she’s trying to stay in shape to do her own stunts for all that acrobatic stuff they do in those movies.

Dakota Fanning quenching thirst Dakota Fanning bra peek Dakota Fanning leaving pilates 2010
Dakota Fanning getting in car after pilates Dakota Fanning exposed cleavage June 2010