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Elsa Hosk Does Victoria’s Secret Pink


Sexy Swedish model Elsa Hosk did another photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret. This time it’s for their Pink Collection. You can tell it’s Victoria’s Secret Pink by all the bright and pastel colors she’s wearing. Oh yeah, and also by the lack of clothing.

Chelsee Healey Wore a Pink Bikini

chelsee healey bikini california

Chelsea Jade Healey aka Chelsee Healey is a British actress best known for her role as Janeece Bryant in the tv series Waterloo Road. Anybody ever heard of her or the show? If you have then you must watch the BBC.

chelsee-healey-bikini-california-1.jpg chelsee-healey-bikini-california-2.jpg chelsee-healey-bikini-california-3.jpg chelsee-healey-bikini-california-4.jpg chelsee-healey-bikini-california-5.jpg

Kelly Brook’s Bright Pink Booty

kelly brook pink booty

Most people like Kelly Brook because of her big beautiful breasts, but don’t overlook her nice rear end. It sure looks nice in those tight pink jeans.

kelly-brook-pink-butt-1.jpg kelly-brook-pink-butt-2.jpg kelly-brook-pink-butt-3.jpg kelly-brook-pink-butt-4.jpg kelly-brook-pink-butt-5.jpg