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Sara Jean Underwood in Her Underwear

sara jean underwood esquire underwear

I’m sure many of you have already seen these Sara Jean Underwood Esquire “Me in My Place” photos. They’ve been posted all over the internet. I know we’re a little late to the game, but a lot of sites haven’t posted all the images or have posted them in lower quality. Here are a few higher quality photos of this photoshoot and a link to just about all of the photos. Enjoy!

sara-jean-underwood-esquire-1.jpg sara-jean-underwood-esquire-2.jpg sara-jean-underwood-esquire-3.jpg sara-jean-underwood-esquire-4.jpg sara-jean-underwood-esquire-5.jpg


Sara Jean Underwood Has a Nude Newlook

Sara Jean Underwood is Topless

Sara Jean Underwood has a sexy new look in Newlook magazine.  And that new look is to pose completely naked!  I wish every female celebrity had this “Newlook” that Sara Jean has.  Well, not every celebrity.  I wouldn’t want to see Oprah with this new look.  Sorry for that horrible vision.

Sara Jean Underwood wearing overalls Sara Jean Underwood naked Sara Jean Underwood nude Sara Jean Underwood topless Sara Jean Underwood bares all Sara Jean Underwood topless tits

Photo Credit: Newlook

Sara Jean Underwood Bikini Photos From Hawaii

Just who is Sara Jean Underwood?  If you’re like me you probably have no idea.  Well she’s a Playboy Playmate and she’s friends with Kendra Wilkinson.  Not that being friends with Kendra makes you anything, but I just thought maybe that would help put a face to the name.  In all honesty I actually haven’t seen the Kendra reality show.  I try not to waste my time watching non-talent famous people on television even though I write blog posts about them…go figure.  Kendra Wilkinson’s not even hot in my opinion.  But Sara Jean Underwood, now that’s a reality show I might watch.  If she goes on adventures like this one in Hawaii wearing thong bikini‘s I could probably get hooked on that type of reality show.  It would beat watching Kendra anyway.  You can also find Sara Underwood in rare appearances on programs like Attack of the Show.

Sara Jean Underwood thong wedgie bikini Sara Jean Underwood running a trail in Hawaii Sara Jean Underwood hiking the mountains of Hawaii

Sara Jean Underwood Sexy Video: