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Cassie Scerbo Wore a Very Short Skirt

cassie scerbo near upskirt

If you haven’t seen Bring It On: In It to Win It and Make It or Break It then you probably have no idea who Cassie Scerbo is. Well, I guess that’s 99.89% of you. Oh well, here she is looking sexy wearing a short mini skirt at an event in Los Angeles.

cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-1.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-2.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-3.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-4.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-5.jpg
cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-6.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-7.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-8.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-9.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-10.jpg

Anne Hathaway Goes Butch

anne hathaway lesbian style haircut

Anne Hathaway got a short butch haircut, here’s why:

The actress, 29, stepped out in London early Sunday morning sporting a seriously short new haircut.

Leaving Soho nightclub The Box with fiancé Adam Shulman and a female friend, Hathaway shyly covered her head with her hand as if to hide her new look. – read more

Liv Tyler Doesn’t Love Scammers

What was the last good movie you saw Liv Tyler in? That’s a tough question isn’t it? I’m surprised she actually got paid to do a magazine photoshoot. Here she is in UK’s Love magazine. Maybe she’s still big in Europe? It must be hard for her to pay her bills these days. Especially when she’s getting herself involved in scams:

“…Liv Tyler was the biggest victim, getting hit with $214,000 in fraudulent charges.” – read more