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Amy Willerton’s Red Hot Bikini Photos in Switzerland!

February 9th, 2014 Comments off

Amy Willerton - Bikini - Switzerland

Amy Willerton – Bikini – Switzerland

Jennifer Ann Gerber Gets Sexy in Swiss Maxim

November 11th, 2013 Comments off

Jennifer Ann Gerber - Maxim (Switzerland) - November 2013

Jennifer Ann Gerber – Maxim (Switzerland) – November 2013

jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-001.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-002.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-003.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-005.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-006.jpg
 jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-008.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-009.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-010.jpg jennifer-ann-gerber-maxim-swiss-004.jpg

Kristen Stewart’s Swiss Booty

September 24th, 2013 Comments off

kirsten stewart swiss butt

Kristen Stewart – Wore Tight jeans on the set of ‘Sils Maria’ in Switzerland

kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-001.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-002.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-003.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-004.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-005.jpg
 kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-007.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-008.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-009.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-010.jpg
 kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-012.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-013.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-014.jpg kristen-stewart-swiss-ass-015.jpg

Zazou Mall Looking Hot for Swiss Maxim

June 28th, 2013 Comments off

zazou mall maxim

Zazou Mall – Maxim (Switzerland) – June/July 2013 (11 Photos)

zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-001.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-002.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-003.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-004.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-010.jpg
zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-005.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-006.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-007.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-008.jpg zazou-mall-maxim-swiss-009.jpg

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Angela Martini Is Better Than an Alcoholic Beverage

May 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Angela Martini – Maxim (Switzerland)

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Nina Maria Ardizzone in Maxim (Switzerland)

February 25th, 2013 Comments off

DJ Sanja In Swiss Maxim

November 1st, 2012 Comments off

dj sanja topless

Have any of you ever heard of Swiss DJ, DJ Sanja? Apparently she’s a famous Electronic DJ. I wonder if she’s any good? She looks like she knows what she’s doing in her videos. See the Maxim photos and video below to get to know her better. You can also visit her Official Website and Facebook page for more info.

dj-sanja-maxim-swiss-1.jpg dj-sanja-maxim-swiss-2.jpg dj-sanja-maxim-swiss-3.jpg dj-sanja-maxim-swiss-4.jpg dj-sanja-maxim-swiss-5.jpg

Video – DJ Sanja | Switzerland

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Irina De Giorgi in Maxim Switzerland

September 17th, 2012 Comments off

irina de giorgi maxim

Meet Swiss model and beauty queen Irina De Giorgi. She comes from a country known for their cheese and special banking system. I wonder if she ever sees Mitt Romney strolling through her neighborhood? Mitt Romney must really love the Swiss. I know I do…or at least I love Irina De Giorgi.

Irina De Giorgi hot swiss woman maxim switzerland with Irina De Giorgi almost naked Irina De Giorgi Irina De Giorgi near a lake and the alps Irina De Giorgi is especially beautiful

Mitt Romney Loves the Swiss