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Sofia Fisher Does Some Squirting for Tatler

sofia fisher squirts

Who knew Sofia Fisher was such a squirter? Tatler sure knows how to pick talented models for their magazine. I hope she cleaned up the mess afterwards.

sofia-fisher-tatler-1.jpg sofia-fisher-tatler-3.jpg sofia-fisher-tatler-4.jpg sofia-fisher-tatler-5.jpg sofia-fisher-tatler-6.jpg

Sofia Fisher in the Jean Pierre Braganza Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show | London

Anna Kournikova Tantalizes in Tatler

anna kournikova swimsuit tatler

Anna Kournikova hasn’t been important in the tennis world since…well, never. But she has been important in the swimsuit modeling world ever since she began modeling.  Here she is again at age 30 and still looking amazing in her swimsuit for Tatler.

anna-kournikova-tatler-1.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-2.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-3.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-4.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-5.jpg
anna-kournikova-tatler-6.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-7.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-8.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-9.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-10.jpg

Dakota Fanning in Tatler

Dakota Fanning has been so busy at the gym this year and winning Homecomings that she hasn’t had a whole lot of time to act.  That’s why she has left all the acting roles to her kid sister Elle Fanning.  It’s been a busy December for Elle Fanning.  I wonder if Dakota is pissed that Elle has been stealing all her work?

Dakota Fanning legs in Tatler Dakota Fanning wearing skirt in Tatler Dakota Fanning legs crossed wearing skirt