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Tamara Ecclestone Is Filthy Rich and Loaded

November 19th, 2012

tamara ecclestone underwear

I don’t know much about Tamara Ecclestone except that she’s filthy stinkin’ rich…and hot! She recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and talked about her new life as a single woman:

On being single: ‘I do feel like this is a new beginning and it was a lucky escape.’
‘And I’m really enjoying my life right now. It’s definitely made me want to be single for a while.’
‘I’ve always gone from relationship to relationship so it’s good to take time out.’

On what she looks for in a partner: ‘I know it sounds really cheesy, but they’ve got to make me laugh. If someone can’t make me laugh then it’s not going to happen.’ – read more

Anyone looking for a Sugar Mama (or a hot poa), this chick is for you.

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tamara ecclestone must get a lot of nictitate i wonder if tamara ecclestone was troth with her ex i'd love to see the terpsichorean from tamara ecclestone tamara ecclestone disbosom's her sexy self


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