Teresa Palmer in Her Undies for Esquire

Teresa Palmer in Her Bra and Panties for Esquire

Teresa Palmer has a new movie out called Take Me Home Tonight, a comedy that is about a bunch of people who party it up in the 1980’s.  That’s funny didn’t they already make a movie about that called Hot Tub Time Machine?  I guess movies about people from the 80’s always gets a good laugh.  

Teresa has been on a promotional tour lately, which also includes promoting her movie the best way possible.  Doing half-naked photoshoots in men’s magazines. Teresa talked about embracing her inner 80’s in a recent interview with Examiner.com, she said:

“I remember learning to walk,” jokes the Australian actress, who was born in 1986 yet had to essentially travel back in time to play a character seemingly resurrected from something akin to “The Breakfast Club” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” – read more

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Photo Credit: Esquire

Take Me Home Tonight Trailer:

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