The Hottest Bond Chick Berenice Marlohe Now in FHM

berenice marlohe underwear

First GQ called Berenice Marlohe the sexiest Bond Girl and then it was Maxim who named her the hottest bond chick ever. Now FHM is getting is in on the action. I’m not saying that the verdict is out, but almost. All we need now is Playboy and she takes the title. Let’s go Playboy…get her as your centerfold and give her the title soon!

berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-1.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-2.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-3.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-4.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-5.jpg
berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-6.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-7.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-8.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-9.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-10.jpg

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