The Pros and Cons of Proximity Dating

The pros and cons of proximity dating

Dating in your local area is more convenient as it means less traveling. This saves you both time and the cost of those travels; and beyond that it allows you to date somewhere you are familiar with and therefore more comfortable. However sometimes people want to take their love lives a bit further away from their doorstep, and they have their own reasons for doing so. After all, some people have got quite a busy and active sex life, and they don’t always want the whole neighbourhood to know about it. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of dating in your local area.

Pros – Easy access. The main advantage of local dating is the fact that it takes place very close to home. You don’t need to travel far so you save yourself a lot of hassle, along with time and money. Not everyone can afford driving across the state just to meet with a date, but that’s not the only thing. When you’re dating close to home, at least you know the area. You’re more comfortable and you know which places to take your date too. Being in familiar grounds can definitely help making one feel more at ease; and the bottom line is that it’s simply more convenient this way.

Cons – Too close to home. If you’re looking for a girlfriend then dating in your area is fine. However if you’re sex dating you might want to consider giving yourself a bit of private space. Basically bring every sex date on your own doorstep makes it obvious for your neighbours and the people you know; so you might end up having your private sex life plastered all across the walls in your home town. Again it really depends if that bothers you at all, but sometimes it is best to keep your dirty laundry further away from your doorstep.

Pros – that girl next door. If you’re into sex dating and you’re not the patient type, then hooking up for sex in your area won’t take too much time. It’s true that when you’re feeling lust you don’t always want to wait for hours. Wait too long and you can lose it, sex is very much an ‘on-the-moment’ thing, and as a dish it is best served hot. After all, why travel to get laid when you can just walk a few doors down? It makes sense doesn’t it?

Cons – limitations. Of course by dating locally you are limiting the amount of people you could potentially hook up with. There are many singles who live close or even further than your local area, and travelling can be more than worth it if you’re looking for love. It’s a balanced choice between access and convenience, and local dating often focuses on the latter.

The bottom line is that there are pros and cons to every type of dating, it is up to you to measure what works best for you and your own personal situation. Maybe try local dating at first, and if you don’t succeed then you can widen your search and check your booty privileges here. However if you insist on staying local, then the only thing you can do is persevere and if you make a consistent effort to search in your local area regularly, then it might pay off over time.


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