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Vanessa Hudgens Has Credit Card Protection

October 13th, 2011

vanessa hudgens got lip injections

If it weren’t for those tight pants Vanessa Hudgens is wearing you might have noticed that she’s covering her face up with her hand and credit card.  Can you tell what she’s covering up?  Well, if you’re having a hard time figuring it out (hint: it’s not a cold sore). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-5.jpg
vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-6.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-7.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-8.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-9.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-10.jpg


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