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Vanessa Hudgens Pays for Parking at Pilates Class

butt vanessa-hudgens pilates

Vanessa Hudgens was seen here paying for parking as she attended a pilates class in Studio City. Judging by the shape of her booty, I’d say that the pilates workouts are working just fine. Although I think it might be a better investment if she had paid for acting classes instead.

vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-5.jpg
vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-6.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-7.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-8.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-9.jpg vanessa-hudgens-tights-pilates-studio-city-10.jpg

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