Vanessa Hudgens Wore Tight Pants Over the Weekend

vanessa hudgens tight ass

I guess there was an outbreak of SARS in Toluca Lake over the weekend because Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend are wearing masks over their faces for some reason? Maybe she got some new plastic surgery? Who knows the reason? You might not be able to get a good look at Vanessa’s face, but you sure can see her tooshie.

vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-5.jpg
vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-5.jpg

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