Victoria Koblenko and Her Hair Bra in FHM

Dutch actress Victoria Koblenko decided to go topless in her spread for FHM. But luckily (for her) she has all that hair to cover up the goods. I always thought the Dutch were much more open about their sexuality? What’s with the hair and handbra censorship?

victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-1.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-2.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-3.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-4.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-5.jpg
victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-6.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-7.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-8.jpg victoria-koblenko-dutch-FHM-9.jpg

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