Yolanda Cardona Valdes in DT

yolanda cardona valdes

So if anyone cares, Yolanda Cardona did a photoshoot with her famous soccer player husband Víctor Valdés. I’ll be honest, I don’t know who either of them are and I’m sure most of you don’t as well. Actually, I think most of you could care less about them unless they put out a sex tape. There’s a little more man flesh in the photos than we’d like to see, but Yolanda does manage to show a little skin in the photos. That’s all I got.

yolanda-cardona-valdes-1.jpg yolanda-cardona-valdes-2.jpg yolanda-cardona-valdes-3.jpg yolanda-cardona-valdes-4.jpg yolanda-cardona-valdes-5.jpg

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