Zoe Saldana Grants Our Wish in Harper’s Bazaar (Arabia)

zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana stars in a new movie that came out Friday called The Words. Zoe almost turned down the role for the movie, but is glad she didn’t. She talked about her role and the chemistry she had with co-star Bradley Cooper while making the film. In an interview with THR, she said:

“I’ve always said that when you watch movies and a love story falls short of what you wanted it to be, as an actor, as a person who works in films, you know that ninety percent of the time it didn’t work is because there was no chemistry, they didn’t work out a friendship, they didn’t feel safe around each other, they weren’t communicating properly.”

“Bradley is a very dedicated and open professional. It’s really good when you can balance that with an actor as opposed to an actor that just comes prepared and just goes, ‘don’t fuck up my light’ and ‘this line is my close-up.’ We didn’t care where was the camera was,” she said. “It was just like we were both part of this extensive conversation.” – read more

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The Words – Official Trailer

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